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School 12

Paterson Public Schools

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    Anti-Bullying Coordinators

    HIB School Contacts:

    Ms. Boblyn Dobbs Grades K-2

    Ms. Grace Ayala Grades 3-5

    Ms. Laurie Smith Grades 6-8

    NY Jets Upstander of the Week

    If you were to ask Ja’Lynn what would she rather be; an Upstander or a Bystander she will say an Upstander every time. Ja’Lynn is the baby of the family, the youngest of five children. Despite being the youngest at home Ja’Lynn makes sure in class that she uses her voice to help others. When Ja’Lynn sees someone, anyone not being treated as fairly as they should be; she steps right into action.
    Ja’Lynn will comfort them while telling the perpetrator to knock it off. When interviewed she said, “To be successful in school you need to be good and not be a bully!” Ja’Lynn by all definitions is truly an Upstander.



    We are: 'cutting' out all distractions, 'tightening' our study habits, 'hitting' the books, 'measuring' our success, and 'nailing' those TESTS!"

    Tigers are:

    We are Polite

    We are Respectful

    We are Intelligent

    We are Determined

    We are Empowered


    Tigers roar with pride, and eagles soar with success.

    Together we will embark on a journey of education, so that

    Learn today, in order to soar tomorrow


    Boblyn Ranger Dobbs

    Grace Ayala
    Vice Principal

    Laurie Smith
    Vice Principal

    Birthday Celebrations

    School Number 12 is recognized by the Healthy School Alliance as a sugar free and healthy school. Birthday Celebrations will not be permitted during the school day. This takes away from instructional time. Also, goodie bags or any sort of sugar WILL NOT BE accepted. either as many students have food allergies. Thank You for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

    Thank You